City To City Ride


Friends and supporters of DATUM joined forces to make up the sixty orange-clad riders who valiantly cycled 30 miles for the C2C Bike Ride on the 4th May.

Starting the day off with tea and Danish pastries, the riders left the Grange City Hotel and pedalled along the river Thames to Richmond Park where a protein-fulled lunch awaited them. After relaxing in the sunshine, the teams made their way back.

On arrival, both riders and supporters enjoyed a well-deserved drink and aromatic curry dinner to celebrate the day’s achievements.

Together, and in spite of a few leg cramps and a lost helmet, we raised £53,200. All of these donations will go towards DATUM’s largest project to date, a new secondary school in the remote village of Chisala in Malawi.

DATUM would like to thank everyone for making the day so special.

If you would like to make a donation please click here!

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